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Western Australia Minister for Training and Workforce Development Peter Collier

State Priority Occupation List To Guide Workforce Planning

Victor P Taffa

A New State Priority Occupation List will help Western Australia Plan and Prepare for Industry Skill Needs.

Training and Workforce Development Minister Peter Collier said the list would be a valuable tool in ensuring WA could attract and retain a skilled workforce.

“The State priority occupation list identifies jobs that are currently in strong demand in WA.” Mr. Collier said.

“The list will be used for many purposes and inform decisions relating to the prioritisation of funding for training and the WA Workforce Development Plan.”

The Minister said the Department of Training and Workforce Development had rated each job as a top priority, high priority or priority occupation.



“Occupations have been assessed by estimated demand, skill level required and the potential for employment growth into the future.” the Minister said.

“The department will continue to review the status of occupations on the list based on evidence provided by training councils and industry.”

In addition to the State priority occupation list, the department is developing a State Migration Plan, which will include a Skilled Migration Occupation List that identifies occupations recommended for general migration into WA.

Mr. Collier said the State Government was planning for the future now, to ensure future skills shortages were minimised and employment and training opportunities maximised.

“With a number of projects planned or already under way in WA, it is important we develop a skilled workforce to support the State’s economic growth.” the Minister said.

“The Government will continue to take a collaborative planning approach to ensure WA has the right people in the right place at the right time.” Mr. Collier said.


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