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Queensland LDP Senate Candidate Jim Fryar

Call For Shooters To Vote LDP

Federal Election 21 August 2010

Victor P Taffa

Shooters and other users of firearms who vote for the Liberal Democrats (LDP) on Saturday will be joining forces with others who prefer freedom over Government Control.

“Single issue parties that want the Government to simply leave them alone have little to offer their supporters. That includes shooters and fishers, who are politically isolated and lack support. In the case of shooters they also appear determined to be ineffectual.” Jim Fryar  LDP Queensland Senate Candidate said today.


“The Shooters and Fishers Party has given their preferences to the Coalition in all states instead of working with the other minor parties.  That’s detrimental to the interests of Shooters as we negotiated outstanding preference deals among the other minor parties, and in NSW have the potential to succeed.”

“They seem to have simply forgiven the Liberal/National parties for the confiscation of hundreds of thousands of firearms from law-abiding shooters, at a cost of a $1 Billion and the imposition of Draconian Gun Laws.” Mr. Fryar said.

“As victim group therapy, single issue parties are great. If you just want to talk about your troubles, they are the way to go. But if you actually hope to reclaim your rights, you have to support a party that is committed to individual liberty across the board.” Mr. Fryar said.

“Members of any Party formed to oppose oppression and denial of their natural rights should support the Liberal Democrats, as together we can combine into a powerful group. Together we can create a force that has the capacity to replace the old Coalition with a real alternative that will not only stand against the violation of your rights, but reclaim those already lost.”

“Shooters and other firearms users who do not want to reward the Coalition with their preferences are advised to vote for the Liberal Democrats. A vote for the Shooters and Fishers Party will go straight to the Coalition.” Mr. Fryar said.

“The LDP has Pro-Shooter Policies that no other party can match. This is because we develop our policies from the perspective of individual liberty, and a strong belief that the state has no right to restrict non-coercive activities by individuals.” Mr. Fryar said.

The Liberal Democrats regard all sporting uses of firearms as legitimate, and support the right to own firearms for self defence.

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