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Northern Territory Shadow Minister for Indigenous Policy Adam Giles

SIHIP Defects Must Be Made Public

Victor P Taffa

Housing Minister Chris Burns must release details of the Government’s audit identifying the flaws contained in the SIHIP houses built in the four Alice Springs town camps,  Shadow Minister for Indigenous Policy, Adam Giles said.

“We know that up to 85 houses have been identified with serious flaws what the Government hasn’t told us is the exact nature of those defects on a case by case basis.”

“The people for whom these houses were built and Territorians more broadly have a right to know what’s gone wrong and why.”

“The Minister must come clean with details about what went wrong.” Mr. Giles said.

“The lack of oversight by Government of the SIHIP project is appalling given the hundreds-of-millions of taxpayers’ dollars that have been spent so far.”

“The project has been poorly managed from the outset and is underpinned by the belief that Aboriginal people are prepared to accept second best.”

“The Minister must release the audit detailing what has gone wrong and explain what is going to be done to fix the mess that has been created.” Mr. Giles said.


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