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Senator for Tasmania Stephen Parry

Labor MP’s ‘Special Case’ Claim Raises More Questions Over New Mining Tax

Victor P Taffa

Cracks are appearing in the Rudd Government’s mining tax campaign with a local Labor MP branding Tasmanian mining operations as ‘special case’, Senator Stephen Parry, speaking on behalf of the Tasmanian Liberal Senate Team, said today.

“Braddon MHR Sid Sidebottom has been a vocal supporter of Labor’s mining tax from day one, dismissing local concerns as scaremongering and claiming that it may actually be good for some miners.” Senator Parry said.

“But yesterday Mr. Sidebottom said: “Look Grange Resources, like any other operation here in Tassie, is a special case and where there are special cases we need to know the implications of the framework (of the mining tax) on those enterprises.”



“The second part of this statement makes clear that the Labor Government failed to investigate the implications of its mining tax on individual operations.” Senator Parry said.

“The Government has no idea of the potential impact of this tax on companies such as Grange Resources, which directly employs about 600 Tasmanians, and has barely bothered to ask.”

“Nevertheless, Labor has committed almost $40 Million of taxpayers’ money to tell the Australian people that its new mining tax will be good for the country and not cost jobs, which, of course, is at odds with what the industry and respected economists are saying.”

Senator Parry said a key question for Mr. Sidebottom was what he intended to do to represent the interests of the Tasmanian mining operations he now says are ‘special cases.’

“If Mr. Sidebottom is finally conceding that Labor’s mining tax would cost Tasmanian jobs, will he argue with his senior colleagues for differential rates or exemptions for local companies?” Senator Parry asked.


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