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According to Shadow Treasurer Mike Baird, the Auditor General has revealed the Rees Labor Government wrote off $62.4 Million in fines last year after failing to collect most of these fines for more than seven years.

“Tens of millions of dollars are being lost because of a lack of financial discipline from a broken Rees Labor Government.” Mr. Baird said.

NSW Lottery

NSW Lottery





“With the State Budget almost a billion dollars in deficit, you would think Eric Roozendaal would insist on discipline and rigour across government.”

“Instead the Treasurer has forfeited more than $60 million in revenue owed to the taxpayers.”


Treasurer Eric Roozendaal

Treasurer Eric Roozendaal







The Auditor-General’s Report to Parliament 2009 Volume Five has found that during 2008-09, the State Debt Recovery Office identified and wrote off 305,770 fines valued at $62.4 Million.

“That’s tens of millions of dollars that should have been invested into front-line services and into building a long list of promised infrastructure.” Mr. Baird said.


Shadow Treasurer Mike Baird

Shadow Treasurer Mike Baird








“Not only did the Rees Labor Government fail to collect more than 300,000 fines last year – most of these fines were overdue for more than seven years.”

“This incompetence would not be found in any other organisation or business, yet it is commonplace in the Rees Labor Government.”

In 2007-08 the NSW Government failed to collect $56.5 million in uncollected fines, rising by $5.6 million in the last financial year.

Not only does the Rees Government fail to collect millions from fines it also has overseen the following:

  • Devaluation of the Electricity Industry.
  • Sale of the State Lotteries at a LOSS of $50 Million
  • TCARD electronic ticketing at a LOSS of $90 Million
  • Transport administration amendment (rail trails) bill 2009 if passed would ensure that the New South Wales Railways have no chance of expansion in the future and the financial LOSS to the State is unable to be estimated. Railway expansion expands the economy. Railway contraction contracts the economy.


John Bradfield

John Bradfield








“As the NSW economy slid into recession and families across the State tightened their belts, the Rees Labor Government’s financial discipline deteriorated even further.

“If Nathan Rees and Eric Roozendaal insisted on rigour and discipline across their government, there’s no doubt NSW taxpayers would be tens of millions of dollars better off.” Mr. Baird said.

When Treasurer Eric Roozendaal oversaw fundraising for Labor’s Sussex Street Head Office, party finances boomed. However when Treasurer Eric Roozendaal transferred to the Treasury Benches the question that must be asked is was this financial wizardry left behind?


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