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Victoria Member for Burwood Will Fowles

Statement From The Member For Burwood

Victor P Taffa

I unreservedly apologise to the staff at the Abode Hotel, my constituents, my Parliamentary colleagues, and my family for my appalling behaviour in Canberra earlier today.

What happened is unacceptable. I am deeply ashamed of my actions.

While there are reasons for it, there are no excuses.

I have, for a long time, been dealing with addiction and other mental health issues.

Medication I take was in my luggage, which was locked in a room that I was not able to access, as no staff were on-site.

I will, of course, pay for all damages.

I have recently undertaken a course of drug and alcohol counselling and will now get the treatment I need to become a better person.

I have let myself down and badly let down those who have supported me.

I know how hard I have to work to rebuild the trust people have placed in me.

I will take a leave of absence to properly deal with my health issues.

I was in Canberra to attend the first speeches in support of my Victorian colleagues and the trip was privately funded.

Victoria Parliament Website Details

Victoria Parliament website details lists Member for Burwood Will Fowles as being married with 3 children and a member of:

  • Melbourne Cricket Club
  • Melbourne Football Club
  • Australian Republic Movement

There is nothing wrong in being married with 3 children or being a member of the Melbourne Cricket Club. However, as Editor Victor P Taffa is a member of the Richmond Football Club and has been a member of Australians for a Constitutional Monarchy the disgraceful actions by the Member for Burwood says it all.

As with the current Member for Burwood, Editor Victor P Taffa is also on medication for mental health issues however Editor Victor P Taffa does not threaten or cause damage to any person or the property of a business.

Further to this having met the former Member for Burwood Graham Watt it simply shows who should be the Member for Burwood and who is unfit to be the Member for Burwood.

Liberal Member for Burwood Graham Watt 2010-18

In November 2010 Editor and qualified Journalist Victor P Taffa attended the Victoria Liberal Party campaign launch to cover the November State Election.

At that time Editor Victor P Taffa met Liberal Candidate for Burwood Graham Watt. In only a short time that Editor Victor P Taffa got to know Graham Watt he came across as a very decent person.

Graham Watt as with Editor Victor P Taffa also had a retail background. Graham Watt was also owner of a mobile phone retail store and a carpet cleaning business.

At the 27 November 2010 State Election Graham Watt won back the seat of Burwood for the Liberal Party that had previously been held by former Liberal Premier Jeff Kennett from 1976-99.


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