Shame On A Polluting Government

Shame On A Polluting Government

Northern Territory Shadow Minister for Environment Peter Chandler

Minister Fails Basic Tests

Victor P Taffa

The Minister for Health demonstrated again today why he is unfit for office Shadow Environment Minister Peter Chandler said today.

“The Minister refused to acknowledge that he has put Territorians in harm’s way by failing to close Darwin’s Beaches or to advise people that there is an ongoing severe health problem.” Mr. Chandler said.

“Results received each week in the past month have confirmed what every local appears to know, Darwin’s beaches are chronically polluted.”

“The slack attitude to reporting and investigation that the Minister demonstrates is not good enough, and he should resign.”

“He refuses to keep the public informed, and he has failed to seek a solution to the problem.” Mr. Chandler said.
“There has been no investigation of the problem and no-one appears to be under the Microscope.”

“In another instance of weak governance, the Minister has given up on protecting public health, and all indications are that if he has his way, beach water monitoring will be allowed to slip off the work Program.” Mr. Chandler said.

It would seem simply unbelievable that in the Largest Island Continent on Earth and surrounded by Oceans that any Government worth its Environmental Salt sits back and allow our Beaches to remain polluted.

Any Government worth its Environmental Salt would bear some Moral Obligation and clean up our Beaches.