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Victoria Shadow Minister for Public Transport Terry Mulder

Brumby’s V/Line Officially Late On All 11 Country Lines In June 2010

Victor P Taffa

One of Premier John Brumby’s worst performing government authorities, Labor’s V/Line, failed to meet its monthly punctuality target on any one of its 11 lines across Victoria in June 2010, Shadow Minister for Public Transport, Terry Mulder, said today.

Mr. Mulder said that V/Line admitted in its detailed online report that only 35 % of the 1,103 recorded train delays were due to train congestion or infrastructure problems in the Melbourne Metropolitan Area.

“At least 152 V/Line train faults significantly delayed passengers in June. Minister for Public Transport Martin Pakula must explain whether this is due to a lack of maintenance or systemic problems with V/Line’s fleet.



“John Brumby continues to insult travellers with V/Line claiming that 143 Geelong line train delays, 116 on the Ballarat line, 93 to or from Bendigo, 70 on the Seymour line and 57 on the Traralgon line were due to ‘miscellaneous’ reasons.  What was the cause of these 479 unexplained but annoying delays on the five commuter-belt lines radiating from Southern Cross Station?”

Mr. Mulder said that Labor’s failure to ensure that country commuters got to work, school or home on time were worst on the Geelong line, where V/Line trains had run officially late for 46 consecutive months including 20.1 % in June 2010, and on the Traralgon and Bairnsdale lines where 29.7 % and 27.1 % of trains were at least 6 or 11 minutes late respectively, the 29th consecutive month of failing to meet the monthly timekeeping target.

“Seymour line travellers have suffered 36 consecutive months of officially late trains including 17 % in June, Bendigo line commuters have experienced 34 consecutive months with 15.8 % of trains at least 6 minutes behind time while Ballarat line passengers contended with 18.7 % of trains being officially late in June, the 41st month of the last 46 that V/Line has failed travellers.”

Mr. Mulder said that on the Warrnambool line this morning, passengers on the 11.40 am train from Warrnambool and Terang were being shunted into buses as far as Camperdown because the 7.47 am train from Melbourne was badly late.

“For 25 of the last 27 months, Warrnambool line trains have failed to meet the timekeeping target with 17 % at least 11 minutes late in June 2010.”

“Echuca and Swan Hill line trains have been officially late for 29 of the last 33 months with 11.2 % at least 11 minutes late arriving at their destination in June.  Shepparton line passengers have had officially late trains in 17 of the last 23 months including 10.6 % in June while 11.3 % of Ararat trains were at least 11 minutes late last month, the fifth time in 18 months despite trains typically being on their own between Ballarat and Ararat with no other trains to pass.”

Mr. Mulder said that residents of Euroa, Benalla, Wangaratta and Albury/Wodonga were worst off.

“No local trains have operated between Seymour and Albury since November 2008 when the former broad gauge line was shut down for conversion to standard gauge. 20 months later, John Brumby and Minister Pakula refuse to say when V/Line will resume its local trains.” Mr. Mulder said.


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