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Western Australia Minister for Police Liza Harvey

Govt’s Sex Offender Register Website To Go Live

Victor P Taffa

  • Website to be operational tomorrow at 9am Monday 15 October
  • Child and community safety prioritised by website

The Liberal-National Government’s public sex offender register is set to go live tomorrow. (Monday 15 October).

Police Minister Liza Harvey said WA Police had been preparing for the website to be operational since the State Government’s Community Protection (Offender Reporting) Amendment Bill (No 2) 2011 was proclaimed on July 1, 2012.

Mrs. Harvey said the website provided any member of the public with access to photographs and certain information on the State’s most dangerous, absconded and serious repeat sexual offenders, and would be an effective information tool for WA families.

The Minister said the website provided members of the public with access to information on known child sex offenders, which would assist with the protection and safety of children and the community.

“The first tier is available to any member of the public who wants access to photographs and details of reportable offenders who have absconded.” Mrs. Harvey said.

“Under the second tier a member of the public can make an application and will be provided with a photograph of any repeat child sex offenders and those deemed dangerous offenders residing in their locality and adjoining suburbs.”

Mrs. Harvey said the third tier allowed a parent or guardian to inquire with WA Police whether a specific person, who had regular unsupervised contact with their child, was a reportable offender.

The Minister warned it was an offence to make a false application on the website in an attempt to obtain information without a lawful right to access this information an offence punishable by up to seven years imprisonment.

Mrs. Harvey also warned the public against vigilante behaviour towards these offenders, saying WA Police would investigate such behaviour and persons could be prosecuted.

“I encourage people to not misuse the information provided by the website.” Mrs. Harvey said.

Fact File

  • It is illegal to harass a person who has been identified on either the website or by an inquiry made through the website
  • It is illegal to publish, distribute or display information published on the website or obtained through an inquiry
  • The register was a State Government election commitment

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