Seniors Card Program To Be Revamped

Seniors Card Program To Be Revamped

Northern Territory Minister for Territory Families Dale Wakefield

Senior Territorians To Benefit From A Revamped Discount Program

Victor P Taffa

Senior Territorians will benefit from the revamped NT Seniors Card program. This program will deliver more benefits and discounts, as well as connecting seniors with local business.

Changes to the program are a result of the Territory Government’s new partnership with the Council on the Ageing NT (COTA NT) to administer and promote the NT Seniors Card.

Speaking at today’s launch, Minister for Territory Families Dale Wakefield said that the new partnership and expansion of the NT Seniors Card services was a result of listening to senior Territorians.

“We value our senior Territorians they are a very important part of our community and play a vital role in the preservation of our long-standing traditions, as well as in the building of new traditions.” Minister Wakefield said.

“Senior Territorians also contribute to the economic growth of the Territory and it’s essential that we invest in their future and keep them here. Through this process, COTA have engaged with senior Territorians and renewed the program to best suit their needs.”

“Senior Territorians have told us that they want a Seniors Card program with up-to-date online and print directories, so that they can easily locate businesses that offer seniors’ discounts. We have delivered that.”

“They would also like an expanded discount program with more benefits and savings. That is being delivered through our partnership with COTA. As the Territory’s peak body for seniors, they understand the need of seniors and have the ability to enhance this successful program.” Minister Wakefield said.

“One of the key objectives of this program is to increase the participation and promotion of local Territory businesses. As part of our funding agreement with COTA, they will continue growing the discount program by bringing more businesses on board.”

COTA NT CEO Sue Shearer said that both seniors and local business will benefit from this program.

“We know that many Territory businesses will be keen to get on board and offer seniors a discount on their products and services. As customers, they are loyal supporters of local business.” Ms. Shearer said.

Along with the benefits provided by local business, holders of the NT Seniors Card will continue to receive free travel on the public bus networks in Darwin and Alice Springs and the $55 annual discount on the registration of a private vehicle.

NT Seniors Card is a standalone program.

Separately, the new NT Concession Scheme and the NT Seniors Recognition Scheme will commence on 1 July.

Northern Territory Government is funding COTA NT $302,500 p.a. for 5 years to administer and manage this program.


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