Senate Final Makeup Federal Election 2016

Senate Final Makeup Federal Election 2016

Federal Election Polling Day Saturday 2 July 2016

Australian Electoral Commission

Senate Vote Count Concludes

Victor P Taffa

Final counting by the Australian Electoral Commission for Senate seats has concluded with a Declaration of the Poll by Returning Officers being held ahead of the return of the election writ to the Governors-General on Monday 8 August 2016. The new Senate Chamber is as follows:


Australian Capital Territory

Candidate                              Party

GALLACHER, Katy             Australian Labor Party (ACT Branch)

SESELJA, Zed                       Liberal Party of Australia-(ACT Division)


Territory Breakdown

Australian Labor Party            1

Liberal Party of Australia       1

Total Senators                       2


New South Wales

Candidate                                                 Party

PAYNE, Marise                                              Liberal

DASTYARI, Sam                                          Labor

SINODINOS, Arthur                                     Liberal

McALLISTER, Jenny                                  Labor

NASH, Fiona                                                  The Nationals

O’NEILL, Deborah                                        Labor

FIERRAVANTI-WELLS, Concetta             Liberal

CAMERON, Doug                                         Labor

RHIANNON, Lee                                          The Greens

WILLIAMS, John                                          The Nationals

BURSTON, Brian                                          Pauline Hanson’s One Nation

LEYONHJELM, David                                 Liberal Democrats


State Breakdown

Liberal                                                 3

Labor                                                   4

The Nationals                                      2

The Greens                                          1

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation         1

Liberal Democrats                               1

Total Senators                              12


Northern Territory

Candidate                              Party

McCarthy, Malarndirri            Australian Labor Party (Northern Territory) Branch

Scullion, Nigel                        Country Liberals (NT)


Territory Breakdown

Australian Labor Party            1

Country Liberals                     1

Total Senators                       2



Candidate                           Party

BRANDIS, George                Liberal National Party of Queensland

WATT, Murray                       Australian Labor Party

HANSON, Pauline                 Pauline Hanson’s One Nation

CANAVAN, Matthew           Liberal National Party of Queensland

CHISHOLM, Anthony          Australian Labor Party

McGRATH, James                 Liberal National Party of Queensland

MOORE, Claire                      Australian Labor Party

MACDONALD, Ian              Liberal National Party of Queensland

WATERS, Larissa                  The Greens

O’SULLIVAN, Barry                        Liberal National Party of Queensland

KETTER, Chris                      Australian Labor Party

ROBERTS, Malcolm              Pauline Hanson’s One Nation


State Breakdown

Liberal National Party of Queensland          5

Australian Labor Party                                    4

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation                         2

The Greens                                                          1

Total Senators                                             12


South Australia

Candidate                                      Party

BIRMINGHAM, Simon                    Liberal

WONG, Penny                                     Australian Labor Party

XENOPHON, Nick                            Nick Xenophon Team

BERNARDI, Cory                             Liberal

FARRELL, Don                                 Australian Labor Party

GRIFF, Stirling                                   Nick Xenophon Team

RUSTON, Anne                                 Liberal

GALLACHER, Alex                         Australian Labor Party

FAWCETT, David                             Liberal

KAKOSCHKE-MOORE, Skye         Nick Xenophon Team

HANSON-YOUNG, Sarah                The Greens

DAY, Bob                                          Family First


State Breakdown

Liberal                                     4

Australian Labor Party            3

Nick Xenophon Team             3

The Greens                              1

Family First                             1

Total Senators                 12



Candidate                           Party

ABETZ, Eric                           Liberal

URQUHART, Anne               Australian Labor Party

WHISH-WILSON, Peter       The Greens

LAMBIE, Jacqui                    Jacqui Lambie Network

PARRY, Stephen                   Liberal

POLLEY, Helen                     Australian Labor Party

DUNIAM, Jonathon               Liberal

BROWN, Carol                      Australian Labor Party

BUSHBY, David                   Liberal

SINGH, Lisa                           Australian Labor Party

BILYK, Catryna                     Australian Labor Party

McKIM, Nick                         The Greens


State Breakdown

Liberal                                       4

Australian Labor Party            5

The Greens                              2

Jacqui Lambie Network          1

Total Senators                       12



Candidate                                   Party

FIFIELD, Mitch                                 Liberal

CARR, Kim                                        Australian Labor Party

DI NATALE, Richard                       The Greens

McKENZIE, Bridget                          The Nationals

CONROY, Stephen Michael              Australian Labor Party

RYAN, Scott                                        Liberal

COLLINS, Jacinta                              Australian Labor Party

PATERSON, James                            Liberal

MARSHALL, Gavin                          Australian Labor Party

HINCH, Derryn                                  Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party

RICE, Janet                                        The Greens

HUME, Jane                                       Liberal


State Breakdown

Liberal                                                 4

Australian Labor Party                   4

The Greens                                          2

The Nationals                                      1

Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party          1

Total Senators                               12


Western Australia

Candidate                                    Party

CORMANN, Mathias                       Liberal

LINES, Sue                                        Australian Labor Party

LUDLAM, Scott                                The Greens (WA)

CASH, Michaelia                                Liberal

STERLE, Glenn                                  Australian Labor Party

SMITH, Dean                                     Liberal

DODSON, Patrick                              Australian Labor Party

REYNOLDS, Linda                           Liberal

BACK, Chris                                      Liberal

PRATT, Louise                                   Australian Labor Party

CULLETON, Rodney Norman          Pauline Hanson’s One Nation

SIEWERT, Rachel                              The Greens (WA)


State Breakdown

Liberal                                                 5

Australian Labor Party                    4

The Greens                                          2

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation             1

Total Senators                                12


Total Senate Makeup


Liberal                                                             21

Liberal National Party of Queensland       5

Country Liberals                                             1

National Party                                                  3

Australian Labor Party                                26

The Greens                                                      9

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation                     4

Nick Xenophon Team                                     3

Liberal Democrats                                           1

Family First                                                     1

Jacqui Lambie Network                                  1

Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party                          1

Total Senators                                           76

39 votes are required for a bill to gain a majority of Senators to pass.