Seeney Seething Over Poor Industry Standards

Seeney Seething Over Poor Industry Standards

Queensland Shadow Minister for Mines & Energy Jeff Seeney

“We Will Shut You Down” LNP Vows

Victor P Taffa

The Liberal National Party (LNP) has vowed to shut down resources projects that fail to meet strict environmental standards.

Speaking in State Parliament today, Shadow Minister for Natural Resources, Mines and Energy Jeff Seeney said the LNP remained supportive of the resources industry, but any breach of regulations would result in swift action.

“The LNP supported the State Government’s decision to shut down the Cougar Energy project in Kingaroy, and we would support similar action against any other company that doesn’t meet the appropriate standards.” Mr. Seeney said.

“The LNP recognises and values the investment, jobs and business opportunities that flow from major resources projects.”

“However, the LNP’s tolerance for misbehaviour by the resources industry is becoming smaller as the queue of projects becomes longer.”

“The resources industry needs to understand that if the LNP is elected any projects that fail to meet environmental standards will be shut down.”

Mr. Seeney blasted gas companies for their refusal to address problems raised in media reports and their failure to explain their actions.

“The LNP will shut down projects that don’t treat our communities and landholders with due respect.” Mr. Seeney said.

“The people of Queensland own the gas. It is a huge resource. It is an energy source of world standards. We contract companies like British Gas to extract that gas on our behalf.”

“If they don’t do it properly, if they don’t take the responsibility they have to Queenslanders seriously, then we will shut them down.” Mr. Seeney said.