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Federal Election 21 August 2010

Australian Electoral Commission

Victor P Taffa

Seats To Watch-Australian Capital Territory

How is status defined?

Seat status is based on the two-party preferred vote count (TPP). The two-party preferred vote refers to the number of votes received by the Labor and Coalition candidates after a full distribution of preferences.


The AEC classifies seats using the following business rules: when a party receives less than 56 % of the vote the seat is classified as ‘marginal’ (M); between 56-60 % it is classified as ‘fairly safe’ (FS) and more than 60 % is classified ‘safe’ (S).

Election 2007 Australian Capital Territory

Division  ALP        LP/NP    Elected                   TPP

Canberra               61.82      38.18      ALP        S              ALP

Fraser                     65.07      34.93      ALP        S              ALP


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