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Tasmania Shadow Minister for Fisheries Rene Hidding

New Seafood Processing Plant Deserves Strong Support

Victor P Taffa

Today I attended the opening of a new seafood processing facility near St. Helens which will predominately harvest and process the Centro Stephanus sea urchin which has been causing significant environmental damage of Tasmania’s east coast, Shadow Minister for Fisheries Rene Hidding said.

“I congratulate the owners of this new plant which has seen a former seafood export facility re-opened and for their commitment to developing a genuine and sustainable commercial market for the sea urchin roe which has sparked the interest of Japanese buyers for this premium product.”

“While Government programs are welcome to fight this natural incursion of the urchins which are denuding the habitat of the southern rock lobster and wild abalone, commercial interest in this species will be the answer to fighting the spread of this pest.” Mr. Hidding said.


“Seafoods Tasmania deserves all the support it can get from all Government departments in order to grow its business which apart from employment in the region and export income for Tasmania has the strong side benefit of protecting our endemic species.”

“The company is also harvesting and processing native shellfish such as oysters, clams and periwinkles from the local coastline.”

“The Liberals wish the operators, including divers and production staff, all the very best in their endeavours.” Mr. Hidding said.


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