Schools Require Adequate Toilets

Schools Require Adequate Toilets

New South Wales Shadow Treasurer & Manly MP Mike Baird

Manly West Public School’s Plea To Replace 80 Year Old Toilets

Victor P Taffa

Manly MP Mike Baird is urging the State Government to find the funds to upgrade Manly West Public School’s toilets, which have not been replaced in 80 years.

“This funding request is not unreasonable the School is simply asking for the first upgrade to their toilet block in 80 years.” Mr. Baird said.

“These toilets have been deemed the worst in the northern district according to an assessor, with repairs for the toilets being logged on a weekly basis.”

“A crack is running down the middle of one of the toilet blocks, which is an obvious hazard to the young students.” Mr. Baird said.


“It is a sad indictment on the Government that it does not consider this project worthy of funds.”

Mr. Baird said he moved a Notice of Motion in Parliament in June to support the School’s request for funds through the Department of Education’s Minor Capital Works Program.

“It was certainly a surprise to receive the Minister’s response, which refused the School’s application for funds for the knockdown and rebuild of its toilet block.”

“These toilets have the original chain flush system so not only are they desperately old, they are also a disaster environmentally with significant amounts of water wasted on every flush.”

“It is difficult to understand how the Government cannot see that this upgrade is basic maintenance, which must be done.” Mr. Baird said.

“What makes the knockback more difficult to bear is the fact money is wasted by the Government on a daily basis through its mismanagement.”

“There will be 760 students at Manly West next year and there is little confidence the toilet block will be able to cope.”

“We won’t give up the fight for these funds for this basic facility.” Mr. Baird said.

While Manly West Public School is unable to have adequate Toilet Facilities the New South Wales Minister for Education has for months crowing at the success at the way in which the New South Wales Government handled the Building Education Program that was established by the Federal Government.

The same Member for Balmain also trumpeted the virtues of the Rozelle Metro Project that was deeply flawed from the start.

Similarly the Western Express Railway Line that was to be the Western Metro Line will end up with operational capacity restrictions in the same way in which the Eastern Suburbs Line at Bondi Junction experiences now.