Sarah McNamara Appointed Judge To Local Court Of The Northern Territory

Sarah McNamara Appointed Judge To Local Court Of The Northern Territory

Northern Territory Attorney-General Natasha Fyles

New Local Court Judge

Victor P Taffa

Attorney-General Natasha Fyles today announced the appointment of new Judge Sarah McNamara to the Local Court of the Northern Territory.

“It’s wonderful to welcome someone of Sarah McNamara’s calibre to the Local Court.” Attorney-General Fyles said.

“As a long-term Alice Springs resident Judge McNamara is held in high regard by both the legal profession and the Central Australian and Territory community.”


“Judge McNamara brings 22 years of legal experience to this role, along with her most recent experience as the Director of Courts (South) of the Supreme Court and Judicial Registrar of the Local Court in Alice Springs.”

“Over the past decade Judge McNamara has had a significant impact on the Central Australian community, presiding with the Mental Health Review Tribunal and the Northern Territory Civil and Administrative Tribunal.” Attorney-General Fyles said.

“While new to the role, Judge McNamara has extensive experience acting as a Local Court Judge and relieving Magistrates in both Alice Springs and Darwin.

“Judge McNamara has demonstrated a capacity to deal with the significant workload  of a Local Court Judge.” Attorney-General Fyles said.

“It is the depth of Judge McNamara’s legal experience and wide community involvement throughout the Central Australia region that makes her the preferred candidate for this role.”

“Judge McNamara will replace the Honourable Daynor Trigg who will retire from the Local Court later this year.”

“Judge McNamara will begin her duties at the Local Court on the 14th March 2017.” Attorney-General Fyles said.