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Western Australia Minister for Water Terry Redman

Water Carting For Livestock In Salmon Gums Ends

Victor P Taffa

  • Above average rainfall raises dam levels and relieves farmers
  • Water deficiency declaration lifted after two years

Water Minister Terry Redman has announced that water carting is no longer required into Salmon Gums for livestock purposes.

Above average rainfall in March and May has generated runoff into farm dams and significantly increased on-farm and community storage levels.

As a result, Mr. Redman officially lifted the water deficiency declaration for Salmon Gums in the Shire of Esperance today. The declaration was first put in place on June 9, 2011.


The Minister said this was good news for the Great Southern agricultural area and its primary producers.

“Salmon Gums has been declared water deficient for almost two years.” Mr. Redman said.

“Since June 2011, the Department of Water has carted approximately 23 Million litres of emergency livestock water to help farmers manage the impact of the dry period. Recent rains have allowed local farmers to stop carting water from the emergency supply at Quarry Dam.”

Mr. Redman said the support provided to the Salmon Gums community during this time was the result of co-operation between the Department of Water’s Rural Water Planning team, the Salmon Gums Development Group, the Shire of Esperance, Water Corporation and the Department of Agriculture and Food WA.

“I would like to pass on my personal thanks the organisations who came together to support farmers and for the hard work they have put in to help the region get through this difficult period.” the Minister said.

The expense of carting emergency supplies was split between the Department of Water, which paid for water transport and the Shire of Esperance, which paid for the scheme water. 

Fact File

  • Water transport support provided through Department of Water at cost of $515,493
  • Installation of four 110 KL emergency water tanks paid for by the State Government under the 2010 Dry season assistance package
  • 23 Million litres of scheme water costing $36,714 paid for by Shire of Esperance

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