Sale Of Queensland Rail Off The Back Of A Bligh Booze Up

Sale Of Queensland Rail Off The Back Of A Bligh Booze Up

Queensland Opposition Leader John Paul Langbroek

QR’s Quarter Of A Million Tax Payer Dollars Spent On Grog And Sport

Victor P Taffa

QR Spent almost $250,000 entertaining mates while being restructured for sale, the State Opposition said today.

This afternoon the QR annual report was distributed and revealed $35,277 of our Tax Payer’s money was spent on QR Excellence Awards.

“Anna Bligh should give herself an Award in Excellence for blowing more of Queenslander’s money when fattening mates instead of the QR asset sale.” John Paul Langbroek the Leader of the Opposition said today.

“With only three weeks to go until Christmas and more and more Queensland families struggling with the cost of living, this figure will leave a bad taste in the mouths of Queensland Tax Payers.”

“It begs the question, why did QR release their Annual Report late on a Friday Afternoon?”

“I would hazard a guess QR was trying to bury the fact they spent $18,000 of Queensland Ratepayer’s Money celebrating the AFL Grand Final and $24,106 at a Reds Rugby Game.” Mr. Langbroek said.

“These figures are part of a gluttonous expense budget that will leave Queenslanders reeling when more and more have to rely on food donations from charities and volunteer organisations over the Christmas period.”

“It’s no wonder Bligh is on the nose when her government continues to try and hide facts from Queenslanders by sneakily releasing a report so late and at the end of the week.” Mr. Langbroek said.

“The LNP will restore Queenslanders’ confidence in Politicians.”

“An LNP Government will be upfront with Queenslanders something Labor seems to have forgotten after being in Power for almost 20 years.” Mr. Langbroek said.

With Queensland Rail Floated the Question that should be asked is:

Who will determine if at all future Railway & Tramway Expansion for Brisbane and Queensland?