Ryde City Council R.I.P.

Ryde City Council R.I.P.

Death To Democracy In Ryde

Victor P Taffa

Today New South Wales Premier Mike Baird has killed off Ryde City Council and thumbed his nose at democracy and the people of Ryde.

In the name of saving dollars Premier Baird makes no sense at all. Premier Baird has merged Ryde Council with Hunters Hill and Lane Cove Councils to establish an mega council where no one will be able to have any services delivered and has been an akin to a Liberal Party Branch Stacking exercise.

Council boundaries drawn up to suit the Liberal Party.

Editor Victor P Taffa made a submission to IPART regarding council boundaries. However as with everyone else in New South Wales, Premier Mike Baird has thumbed his nose at this submission and all other submissions.


IPART Submission (Independent Pricing And Regulatory Tribunal)

Where a suburb is divided between different council areas, that council boundaries should be reviewed in a sensible manner rather than whole council mergers.

For example:

  • Croydon Park is split between Ashfield, Burwood and Canterbury Councils.
  • Epping is split between Hornsby, Parramatta and Ryde Councils.

There are countless other examples of these across the Sydney Metropolitan Area.

Suburbs and Local Government are made up of people living with roads, rates and rubbish.

  • WHOLE Suburbs in WHOLE Council areas rather than having council mergers.
  • WHOLE Suburbs in WHOLE Council areas enables a consistent, regular and viable rates income stream to go to councils.
  • WHOLE Suburbs in WHOLE Council areas enables councils to be Fit For The Future.
  • WHOLE Suburbs in WHOLE Council areas thus avoiding the large numbers of council mergers that has now occurred.

Premier Mike Baird labelled this exercise as a council being economically ‘Fit For The Future’. Larger councils do not guarantee that if all you merge together are poor rate valued council areas stuck together.

Property and land valuations determine the rate at which a council charges people rates and thus determines the council’s income stream.

A more sustainable income stream for a council stream is if the entire suburb is within a council area thus maximising the income stream to a council.

All suburbs have their wealthier valued areas and not so wealthy valued areas. Having whole suburbs in a council area is better for that council’s income stream rather than the ‘cherry picking’ of councils and parts of suburbs to form a merged council. What Premier Baird has done is having a poor income stream for a new council.

The hopes of getting new footpaths for mothers with strollers, disabled and the elderly will be None and Buckley’s in the rush to save dollars by Premier Mike Baird.


Newcastle Railway Line destroyed by Premier Mike Baird on a deal

Newcastle Railway Line destroyed by Premier Mike Baird on a deal








Newcastle Railway Line

  • Born: 1857
  • Died: 2014

Let’s not forget that Premier Mike Baird thumbed his nose at the people of the Hunter Valley and Newcastle with the destruction of the Newcastle Railway Line.

At the 2019 New South Wales State Election the people will not forget how Premier Mike Baird has thumbed his nose at the people in the State of New South Wales.


Brief History

  • Area Originally Settled                              3 January 1792
  • Proclaimed Municipality Of Ryde     12 November 1870
  • Proclaimed City Of Ryde                                              1992
  • City Of Ryde Died                                                         2016



Ryde Civic Centre to be sold off to pay for Premier Mike Baird’s new stationery and letterhead for the newly merged council.