Ryan Turns The Clock Back For Code Red

Ryan Turns The Clock Back For Code Red

Victoria Deputy Premier Peter Ryan

Victoria Minister for Bushfire Response Peter Ryan

Victoria Minister for Regional & Rural Development Peter Ryan

Minister Ryan Launches New Fire Danger Rating Signs

Victor P Taffa

Adjustable fire danger rating signs which reflect local fire risk will be rolled out across bushfire-prone communities in time for summer, Deputy Premier and Minister for Bushfire Response Peter Ryan said today.

Mr. Ryan announced the statewide return of the ‘clock face’ warning boards in Loch Sport, Gippsland which is one of the 52 identified high fire-risk towns.

“The Coalition had campaigned strongly for former Premier John Brumby to reverse his decision to scrap the traditional signs which research had shown were more familiar and easier for people to understand.” Mr. Ryan said.

“Last summer, the bushfire rating board did not display the local fire danger level but advised people to go elsewhere for more information, which is nonsense.”

“Adjustable ‘clock face’ Roadside fire danger rating signs have long been a feature in country areas and have proven an effective and important information tool for those who live in, work in or visit bushfire-prone communities.”

Mr. Ryan said 340 new fire danger rating signs, featuring a revised arch-shaped design with an indicator arrow, is being installed across the state and will provide a trigger for communities to act during the fire season.

“These new signs will be updated daily to show the relevant rating during the fire danger period and also indicate Total Fire Ban days.” Mr. Ryan said.

“The fire danger rating is your trigger to act, and the safest option is to leave high-risk bushfire areas early on days of fire risk the night before or early on Code Red days and early on extreme days.”

Mr. Ryan said the new fire danger rating signs were just one initiative to help the community make informed decisions about their safety.

“We know that whether we live in an high-risk area, or are simply holidaymakers or day-visitors to a high-risk area, being prepared and having a good fire plan is vital so people should Prepare, Act, Survive.” Mr. Ryan said.

Local Government, VicRoads and the CFA have identified the most appropriate locations for signs.