Rural And Remote Queensland Forced To Pay $1,000 To Continue Watching Television

Rural And Remote Queensland Forced To Pay $1,000 To Continue Watching Television

Queensland Shadow Minister for Rural & Regional Queensland Howard Hobbs

Remote Queensland Dumped In Move To Digital TV

Victor P Taffa

Remote Queensland had been dumped by Federal and State Labor in the switch to Digital TV, the State Opposition said today.

Shadow Minister for Rural and Regional Queensland Howard Hobbs said thousands of residents in rural and remote Queensland would be left with no option but to outlay $1,000 to continue viewing their favourite programs.

“It’s a cruel joke that these people are now worse off when they told they be getting an improved service.” Mr. Hobbs said.

“Unless the Federal and State Government step in with support, these people will have to pay roundly $1,000 for a satellite dish and receiver box after the $400 rebate.”

“It’s not good enough considering the ease other Queenslanders have switching to digital.” Mr. Hobbs said.

Mr. Hobbs said rural and remote Queensland was again being forgotten by selfish Ministers and selfish governments who had provided an insultingly-short consultation period of just 3.5 weeks over Christmas/New Year when many were away and news interest non-existent.

Mr. Hobbs said flimsy legislation was to blame with no compulsion for broadcasters to upgrade land transmission towers to digital for any communities with populations under 500.

Mr. Hobbs said there appeared to be further out for broadcasters who could request exemptions to upgrade to digital in any area where there full range of public TV channels were not currently provided through analogue transmission.

“There are just so many holes in the legislation. We need some straight answers from the Federal Minister Stephen Conroy …and we need pressure on Canberra from the Premier.”

“Imagine the outcry in the South-East if householders were told the switchover to digital would cost them $1,000.” Mr. Hobbs said.