Rugby League State Of Origin Heads West In 2019

Rugby League State Of Origin Heads West In 2019

Western Australia Premier Colin Barnett

Perth To Host Australia’s Biggest Sporting Event

Victor P Taffa

  • Rugby League State of Origin game two at Perth Stadium in 2019
  • Most watched Australian TV event in 2015
  • Proudly supported by the Liberal National Government through Tourism WA

Australia’s biggest sporting event, the Rugby League State of Origin series is coming to Perth Stadium in 2019.

Premier and Tourism Minister Colin Barnett today announced the Liberal National Government, through Tourism Western Australia, had won the rights to host the second game of the series at the new stadium.

“Holding a State of Origin match at our magnificent stadium is a huge coup for WA.” Premier Barnett said.

“Arguably, Australia’s biggest sporting rivalry is the Rugby League State of Origin series between the New South Wales Blues and the Queensland Maroons.”

“We are expecting thousands of fans to make the trip west to be at the game and millions more will watch the live television broadcast, which gives us the opportunity to show off our transforming city and world-class new stadium to the rest of Australia.”

The Premier said State of Origin matches were the most watched sporting events on Australian television, drawing an audience of 3.96 Million viewers last year, out-rating popular events such as the AFL Grand Final (3.54 Million viewers) and the Melbourne Cup (3.07 Million viewers).

“The 2019 match will be only the tenth time in State of Origin history that part of the series has been played outside New South Wales or Queensland.” Premier Barnett said.

“Having Perth Stadium means Western Australia can now host some of the biggest sporting events in the world, which will have an incredible flow-on effect for the State’s economy.”

“For rectangular events such as this, high-quality seats close to the action will be added as part of the customisation of the venue and this will increase the capacity from 60,000 to 65,000 seats.”

“In a break from tradition, the Perth match will be played on a weekend instead of a Wednesday evening. This will give fans travelling from interstate the chance to spend the weekend in Perth, which will be a massive boost for the economy.” Premier Barnett said.

When the second State of Origin game was held in Melbourne last year, more than 39,000 people travelled from out of state to watch it.

If 20,000 visitors travelled to Perth to watch the 2019 game, it would be worth $15 Million to the Western Australian economy.

Premier Barnett said events at the new Perth Stadium formed a crucial part of the State Government’s strategy to grow the State’s tourism industry.

The Premier acknowledged Venueswest and VenuesLive, the recently named operator of Perth Stadium as important partners in the deal with State of Origin.

“In the year ending March 2016, visitors to WA spent $9.3 Billion during their stay in the State and we want to see that figure grow to $12 Billion by 2020.” Premier Barnett said.

“Events will help us reach that goal which is why in the recent State Budget, we committed $30 Million towards bringing business, sporting and entertainment events to WA, including a $19 Million investment to activate Perth Stadium.”

WA Premier Colin Barnett

WA Premier Colin Barnett








Fact File

  • The State of Origin Series is an annual best of three rugby league series between New South Wales and Queensland
  • Prior to 1980 New South Wales vs. Queensland matches were not of a State of Origin nature with New South Wales dominating team selections and victories
  • State of Origin began in 1980 with only 1 match played and only 1 match played in 1981
  • 1980 Queensland 1-0
  • 1981 Queensland 1-0
  • Winners Since 1982 As 3 Match Series
  • 1982 Queensland 2-1
  • 1983 Queensland 2-1
  • 1984 Queensland 2-1
  • 1985 New South Wales 2-1
  • 1986 New South Wales 3-0
  • 1987 Queensland 2-1
  • 1988 Queensland 3-0
  • 1989 Queensland 3-0
  • 1990 New South Wales 2-1
  • 1991 Queensland 2-1
  • 1992 New South Wales 2-1
  • 1993 New South Wales 2-1
  • 1994 New South Wales 2-1
  • 1995 Queensland 3-0
  • 1996 New South Wales 3-0
  • 1997 New South Wales 2-1
  • 1998 Queensland 2-1
  • 1999 Series Drawn 1-1 Plus 1 Drawn Match
  • 2000 New South Wales 3-0
  • 2001 Queensland 2-1
  • 2002 Series Drawn 1-1 Plus 1 Drawn Match
  • 2003 New South Wales 2-1
  • 2004 New South Wales 2-1
  • 2005 New South Wales 2-1
  • 2006 Queensland 2-1
  • 2007 Queensland 2-1
  • 2008 Queensland 2-1
  • 2009 Queensland 2-1
  • 2010 Queensland 3-0
  • 2011 Queensland 2-1
  • 2012 Queensland 2-1
  • 2013 Queensland 2-1
  • 2014 New South Wales 2-1
  • 2015 Queensland 2-1
  • 2016 Queensland 2-1
  • Series victories New South Wales             13
  • Series victories Queensland                         22
  • Drawn Series                                                        2
  • Total State of Origin Series Played              37