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Acting Queensland Premier Jeff Seeney

PM Cannot Be Trusted Over Second Runway

Victor P Taffa

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is the cause of delays at the very airport at which he now wants a second runway to proceed, Acting Premier Jeff Seeney said today.

“Kevin Rudd ran a damaging campaign against a second runway in the late 90s and since then Brisbane Airport has experienced some of the worst delays of any airport in Australia.” Mr. Seeney said.

“He backpedalled when the Howard Government approved it in 2007 and was silent earlier this year when the Newman Government raised its concerns about the airport.”

“Now he wants the very project he opposed to go ahead. How can Queenslanders trust this man?”

“Delays at Brisbane Airport are hurting Queensland’s economy and the Prime Minister should accept responsibility.” Mr. Seeney said.

“He would have seen first-hand flying in and out of the airport for many years just how bad the situation is.”

“Instead he launched a campaign against a second runway and then sat on his hands when it was given the go ahead. Now, all of a sudden, he wants to make it happen.”

“Kevin Rudd cannot be trusted. He has already lost the confidence of many senior Labor figures who retired in protest and voters should follow suit.”

“The people of Queensland deserve better. Mr. Rudd should call an election today so Queensland and Australia can elect a government willing to put the people first.” Mr. Seeney said.

Had Mr. Rudd begun on the construction of High Speed Rail instead of Pink Batts in 2007 the economy would be growing much faster than is the case at present.


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