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Queensland Minister for Health Lawrence Springborg

Rudd Called Out Over Any Cuts To Queensland Health

Victor P Taffa

Health Minister Lawrence Springborg wants Queensland Health quarantined from another round of Commonwealth cuts inspired by the political failings of another Labor Prime Minister.

Mr. Springborg said the effects of brutal mid-year cuts imposed in November by ex-Prime Minister Gillard still hurt patients in Queensland hospitals.

He fears further serious impacts as Prime Minister Rudd cuts again.

“In November, Health was hit by ex-Treasurer Swan in a failed attempt to balance the Federal budget.” Mr. Springborg said


“Now, Treasurer Bowen plans a new round of cuts to offset a $4 Billion hole in Mr. Rudd’s carbon tax.”

Mr. Springborg called on unions to speak out against Labor’s mistreatment of health.

“Ms. Gillard’s cuts placed 2,000 Queensland Health positions in jeopardy and ripped $103 Million from Queensland Health in just six months.” Mr. Springborg said.

“The Gillard cuts will continue to hurt Queensland patients for three more years.”

“Now Mr. Rudd has his sights on 800 public servants and many more positions and services will have to go to repair this new black hole.”

“It is time our health unions recognised the threat and spoke up on behalf of their Queensland members.”

Mr. Springborg called on the Prime Minister to follow the lead of his predecessor and exempt his home state from the full effect of the funding cuts.

“Last year, Ms Gillard exempted her home state from its share of the MYEFO cuts while she turned the blowtorch on Queensland Health.” Mr. Springborg said.

MYEFO stands for Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook

“I have no confidence that Mr. Rudd can deal with the financial consequences of his policies, but the least he could do is return the favour and quarantine Queensland from this latest fiasco.”


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