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Tasmania Minister for Heritage Elise Archer

Botanical Gardens Upgrade Supporting Local Jobs

Victor P Taffa

Tasmanian Government is proud to see local jobs being supported as a result of the assistance we have provided due to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Renowned Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens received $302,000 as part of our Government’s Public Building Maintenance Fund to undertake much needed works around the iconic site, Minister for Heritage Elise Archer said.

Local contractors have been engaged for all of the upgrades, resulting in at least 28 local jobs being supported.

As part of the works, restoration has begun on the historic Eardley Wilmot Wall requiring specialist stonemason work that will see original convict bricks used to replace damaged areas of the wall.

Popular Japanese Garden is currently having part of its original boundary fence upgraded, with works also occurring on the Conservatory and the glasshouse in the nursery that will provide more than 100 sqm of additional growing space and allow for expanded display collections to be prepared for the Conservatory.

Specialist demolition contractors will shortly be embarking on the delicate process of deconstructing the existing glasshouse which contains over 400 individual panes of glass, before work starts on the installation of the new structure.

“I am pleased that Tasmanians are now able to return to this stunning heritage site and enjoy the brilliant displays of Autumn colour, and I congratulate the RTBG and the specialist local contractors for the work they are doing.” Minister Archer said.


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