Royal Hobart Hospital Gains Additional Paramedics

Royal Hobart Hospital Gains Additional Paramedics

Tasmania Minister for Health Michael Ferguson

Extended Care Paramedics Start In The South

Victor P Taffa

Minister for Health Michael Ferguson said the Hodgman Government is committed to investing in health at the Royal Hobart Hospital (RHH).

“That is why we have employed three Extended Care Paramedics in the South as additional staff with greater scope of practice.” Mr. Ferguson said.

Three paramedics, Matt, Tegan and Elise, completed a 10-week intensive training course in February and are now working independently to reduce the need to transport patients to hospital Emergency Departments.

Extended Care Paramedics are part of our $5.6 Million Patients First initiative which is all about ensuring patients get the care they need sooner.

“Additional skills allow these paramedics to ease pressure on our hospitals and allow the patients to be treated in their home.”

An earlier trial in Launceston found that almost 7 out of 10 patients seen by these paramedics could be treated at home without the unnecessary need for transport to hospital.

“We have permanently funded and employed the additional three extended care paramedics in Launceston and 12 additional paramedics in the North West.” Mr. Ferguson said.

Not only does this improve patient outcomes, it is also helping reduce the demand on our hospital system.

Extended Care Paramedics are now operational in both Launceston and Hobart and the three new paramedics will receive their epaulettes today.

“Hodgman Government is getting on with the job of fixing the health system with a record $6.4 Billion investment, as well as redeveloping the RHH which when complete will have capacity for an additional 250 beds.” Mr. Ferguson said.