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Northern Territory Minister for Housing Gerry McCarthy

More Spaces For Remote Places

Victor P Taffa

Room to Breathe works continue to rollout across the Northern Territory with 134 homes in 16 remote communities currently under construction.

“On the back of decades of neglect in the remote housing sector, our Room to Breathe program has provided decent homes for hundreds of families, supported dozens of businesses and created jobs and skills development opportunities for local workers right across the Territory.” Minister for Local Government Housing and Community Development Gerry McCarthy said.

“Room to Breathe is just one part of our remote housing program that is transforming housing and offering better health, education, employment and social outcomes to our most vulnerable Territorians.”

Works are underway in communities from Areyonga, south-west of Alice Springs, to Pirlangimpi, at the top of Melville Island, with hundreds of families already living in homes that have been extended and revamped since the program was launched three years ago.

Innovative, job-creating program adds extra living spaces to existing homes, improving liveability and easing overcrowding.

In line with the Northern Territory Government’s Local Decision-Making strategy, houses are scoped for work in consultation with residents and communities and locals are employed at each site.

Aboriginal Business Enterprises have been awarded 32 of the 41 contracts issued so far with Aboriginal employment across the program averaging 48 %.

To date, 220 homes across 31 communities have been extended and upgraded. A further 379 homes will receive works over the next four years.

Northern Territory Government’s $1.53 billion housing and serviced lots investment is complemented by an additional $550 million from the Federal Government to support building, upgrading, extending and improving homes on a scale never before seen in the Northern Territory.


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