Roleystone Guest House To Be Listed On State Heritage Register

Roleystone Guest House To Be Listed On State Heritage Register

Western Australia Minister for Heritage Albert Jacob

Roleystone Guest House Heritage Listed

Victor P Taffa

  • Former home for Aboriginal children during WWII
  • Current owners sought heritage listing

A Roleystone guest house that has been providing accommodation for more than 80 years has been State heritage listed, Heritage Minister Albert Jacob announced today.

Set in the hills above Perth, the picturesque guest house, Darjeeling, was constructed in 1932 in the old English-style with dark decorative timber beams and large red brick fireplaces.



“Darjeeling harks back to a time when Roleystone was a favourite holiday retreat for people looking to escape suburbia for the natural beauty of the Perth hills.” Mr. Jacob said.

Roleystone was established in the 1850s and, with the construction of the Perth-Armadale railway in the 1890s, it soon became populated with small farms and orchards. By the 1930s, car ownership had increased and it became a popular tourist destination.

“Interestingly, Darjeeling was originally intended to be a convalescent home for World War I veterans but instead became a guest house.” the Minister said.

“During World War II, it housed Aboriginal children from Sister Kate’s who had been evacuated from the metropolitan area in 1942 and 1943 due to fears of Japanese air raids. At the time, it was known as Memorial Cottage.”

Over the years, regular guests at Darjeeling have included noted authors Ernestine Hill, whose works contributed to the popular cultural view of Australia’s outback, and children’s author Isobel Weir.

“The current owners live at Darjeeling and continue to provide long-term accommodation, continuing the tradition started more than 80 years ago.” Mr. Jacob said.

“The owners nominated Darjeeling to the State Register and have been actively involved in ensuring the ongoing conservation of this picturesque property.”

Darjeeling joins two other Roleystone places on the State Register of Heritage Places – Araluen Botanic Park and William Buckingham’s Homestead.

Fact File

  •  More than 1,360 sites are on the State Register of Heritage Places