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Northern Territory Opposition Leader Terry Mills

Tricky Leaks

Victor P Taffa

Chief Minister Paul Henderson has backed a Police investigation into who leaked the Lord Mayor’s name to the media in relation to a raid on his home, but has walked away when his office is implicated in leaking exactly the same information, Opposition Leader Terry Mills said today.

“This smacks of another cover-up by this dishonest Government, and can’t be allowed to remain unchallenged.”

“I have written to the Ombudsman, Carolyn Richards, asking her to investigate issues raised by the Northern Territory News.” Mr. Mills said.

“An investigation is critical to ensuring that the administrative actions of Government have not been abused.”

“The Chief Minister has asked Territorians to believe his office didn’t leak confidential information obtained through official channels.”

“His explanation doesn’t wash.” Mr. Mills said.

“Rather than the exchange of harmless gossip between his staff and journalists, the Northern Territory News says Government spin-doctors told the newspaper that the Lord Mayor’s house was raided.”

“The Chief Minister asserts his office wasn’t notified by Police about the raid on Mr. Sawyer’s office.” Mr. Mills said.

“This claim needs to be the basis of an independent investigation to test the veracity of Paul Henderson’s assertions.”

“Given that media doesn’t appear to have known about the raid until told by the Chief Minister’s staff, an investigation should also focus on how the spin-doctors came into possession of this information.”

“No matter their standing in the community, all citizens are afforded due respect and natural justice.” Mr. Mills said.

“This is particularly important when those individuals are facing a Police investigation and criminal litigation.”

“This Government has shown itself to be grubby and too tricky by half. The Chief Minister’s claims that his staff behaved appropriately should not be taken at face value. They should be investigated.” Mr. Mills said.


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