Roe 8 Affected By Court Ruling

Roe 8 Affected By Court Ruling

Western Australia Minister for Environment Albert Jacob

Minister Welcomes Court Decision On Roe 8

Victor P Taffa

  • Roe 8 environmental assessment valid

Environment Minister Albert Jacob has welcomed today’s Court of Appeal’s decision on the Roe 8 project.

“I am pleased this decision has clarified assessment and approval processes undertaken by State agencies and local governments in Western Australia.” Mr. Jacob said.

“The importance of the Court of Appeal’s decision extends beyond just Roe 8. It’s an important one for all of government because it deals with the question of when a government policy becomes a mandatory relevant consideration for decision-making.”

“An appeal was necessary to clarify the administrative requirements for assessment and approval processes undertaken by State agencies and local governments.”

On May 9 this year, the Minister for Environment approved the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) formally delegating its powers to three independent delegates to reassess Roe 8 as a result of the Supreme Court of Western Australia’s decision in December 2015, which determined the previous assessment invalid.

“In light of today’s Court of Appeal’s decision, the reassessment of Roe 8 will no longer be required because the original EPA assessment and my ministerial approval remain valid.” Mr. Jacob said.

“I will discuss today’s decision with the EPA and the independent delegates to cease the reassessment process.”