Robyn Cares For Children

Robyn Cares For Children

Western Australia Minister for Child Protection Robyn McSweeney

$1,000 Assistance For Grandparents And Other Informal Foster Carers

Victor P Taffa

Child Protection Minister Robyn McSweeney today announced $1,000 in financial assistance per child to foster grandparents looking after grandchildren, following the completion of a Safety and Wellbeing assessment and safety plan.

Mrs. McSweeney said about 200 West Australian children a year were placed in informal relative care with the Department for Child Protection’s approval, to allow a child to remain with relatives when their own parents were unable to care for them.

“This new one-off payment will be paid to relative carers who in most cases are grandparents where the department has had prior involvement.” Mrs. McSweeney said.

“Unlike registered relative foster carers who care for a child on a protection order, informal relative carers do not receive a subsidy and it is important they are recognised for the important foster roles they play.”



The Minister said growing numbers of grandparents were taking on the role as primary caregivers for their grandchildren because parents were no longer able or willing to take responsibility for their child.

“It is sad that some children are not able to be raised by their own parents through no fault of the child, and a grandparent as a relative carer is normally the next best option.” Mrs. McSweeney said.

“Grandparents eligible for the new Establishment Payment can use the assistance in any way to meet the child’s needs. This benefits everyone concerned.”

This payment will apply to children placed with their grandparents by the Department for Child Protection from January 1, 2011.

Mrs. McSweeney said the department would absorb the estimated $200,000 a year cost of the new payment through existing financial resources.

This news by Mrs. McSweeney is a 100% departure from the manner in which Children are treated and protected in New South Wales. The Department of Community Services is a total failure and is derelict in its lack of Duty of Care.

When on the New South Wales Police Media Release List there was the same case that Editor Victor P Taffa covered on three separate occasions. A 13 year-old girl from Coffs Harbour, New South Wales ran away on three occasions while under the care of the Department of Community Services. This simply showed how totally incompetent the New South Wales Labor Government is and outlived its use-by-date about 10 years ago.

This is the very same Labor Government who on two occasions locked up Editor Victor P Taffa in a Sydney Psychiatric Hospital because of his support for Railway Expansion in New South Wales.