Road Safety Must Not Ignore Railways

Road Safety Must Not Ignore Railways

Northern Territory Minister for Infrastructure Planning and Logistics Nicole Manison

National Road Safety Week: Enough is Enough

Victor P Taffa

Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics Nicole Manison has today called on all Territorians to work towards the goal of no deaths or serious injuries on our roads.

“It’s National Road Safety Week, and here in the Territory we have the highest road toll per capita in Australia and each year we are still having an unacceptable amount of trauma on our roads and amongst the highest number of deaths and injury per capita in the nation.” Ms. Manison said.

“We have to do everything we can to save more Territorians on our roads.”

Ms. Manison said on average each year in the Northern Territory, almost 50 people are killed and over 500 are seriously injured on our roads.

“Every death on our roads causes grief and hurt. Our road toll is not just a statistic, it represents somebody’s family father, daughter, son, mother, brother, sister or friend.”

“A quarter of all deaths on Territory roads involve speed and here in the Territory we still have a lot of work to do to educate people around drink driving and the importance of wearing seatbelts. These two factors would reduce our road toll significantly.”

“Approximately 70 % of fatalities in the Territory occur on rural and remote roads.” Ms. Manison said.

“This week, I will launch the Northern Territory Government’s Towards Zero action plan discussion paper, to start a conversation with Territorians about road safety, with input from all sections of the community to help reduce these deaths and injuries on our roads.”

“I encourage all Territorians to wear a yellow ribbon this week, to remember those who have lost their lives on our roads, and to start the work towards zero.” Ms. Manison said.

Ms. Manison was unable to comment on whether or not suburban trains and railway services would save lives and reduce the road death toll across The Northern Territory.