Road Safety Means People’s Lives Are Saved

Road Safety Means People’s Lives Are Saved

South Australia Shadow Minister for Road Safety Mark Goldsworthy

Lowering SA’s Road Toll Must Be Priority

Victor P Taffa

Lowering South Australia’s Road Toll must be a priority for the Labor Government.

Road Safety Minister Tom Kenyon’s announcement of lowered speed limits for trucks with more than five axles is a step in the right direction, but more must be done.

“The South Eastern Freeway will be inundated with more traffic now that Labor has approved the rezoning of Mount Barker.” Shadow Minister for Road Safety Mark Goldsworthy said today.


“The Government said that at least 7,000 new homes will be built in Mount Barker alone.”

“If this is the case, thousands upon thousands of additional cars will be using the South Eastern Freeway and road safety will be a major concern.”

“Lowering the speed limit is one step, but it’s my personal view that a third arrester bed for the South Eastern Freeway must also be considered.”

Last year, despite a series of tragic accidents, Mr. Snelling (as Road Safety Minister) appeared unconvinced about the dangers of heavy vehicles using the freeway, saying:

“The Member for Kavel is making an allegation that there have been a number of accidents involving heavy vehicles. I would like to know if that is just an assertion, or whether there is some substratum of fact to that allegation.” (Hansard, 13-Oct-10)

Recent accidents involving heavy vehicles on the South Eastern Freeway include:

• 10-Dec-10:  Truck loses control, one person cut from vehicle;
• 12-Oct-10 Runaway truck kills one person;
• 23-Sept-10:  Truck crashes through tollgate at 7 am;
• 16-Feb-10:  A woman is killed by semi-trailer while pulled to the side of the freeway;
• 21-Apr-09:  Truck catches on fire in Heysen Tunnel;
• 23-Oct-08:  Semi trailer catches on fire above tunnel;
• 06-Nov-07:  Semi-trailer goes through tollgate, hits traffic light and monastery walls;
• 11-Sept-07:  Truck crashes into seven cars at bottom of freeway.

“After nine years in Government and a string of dangerous accidents on the South Eastern Freeway, Labor has finally decided some level of action is required.” Mr. Goldsworthy said.

“Labor has ignored the safety of South Australians for too long now.” Mr. Goldsworthy said.

Real Road Safety can only be ever improved when Railway and Tramway Lines are Extended and Improved. People will always drive their cars. However especially during Peak Hours as Road Networks simply cannot cope with any more traffic these Railway and Tramway Lines must be extended and improved.

By continuing to treat Editor Victor P Taffa as a criminal and an enemy of the State because of his support for Railway and Tramway Expansion will not solve anything. The noisiest people against Victor P Taffa include:

  • All NIMBY Politicians and Residents;
  • National Roads & Motorists Association (NRMA);
  • Trucking Companies;
  • Woolworths Ltd;
  • Coles Ltd;
  • Every Taxi Company;
  • Every Bus Operator;
  • Every Operating Airline within Australia;
  • Every Car Manufacturer within Australia;
  • Every Bus Manufacturer within Australia;
  • Every Petrol Retailer within Australia.

NIMBY stands for Not In My Backyard.

Any other company or person can speak now or forever hold your peace.