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Tasmania Deputy Opposition Leader Jeremy Rockliff

Liberals’ Real Change For Road Safety

Victor P Taffa

A majority Hodgman Liberal Government will get tough on hoons who break the law.

News that a P-plate driver was caught driving at excessive speed shows that we need a majority Hodgman Liberal Government to deliver real change on road safety.

Under a majority Hodgman Liberal Government, P-Plate drivers who are caught speeding more than 15 km/h over the limit will be required to participate in a compulsory day of driver education, in addition to the penalties already in place.

We will also require ALL drivers who lose their licence, for whatever reason, to undertake a short course which relates to driver behaviour.


This compulsory education will take place at the driver’s expense and we also crack down on repeat dangerous drivers.

Last year 2,000 Tasmanians were caught behind the wheel after a court had already banned them for dangerous driving. We will move to impound cars of these offenders after the first offence (currently it is the second).

For dangerous drivers caught on the third offence, we will give the courts the power to permanently confiscate the vehicle, and in extreme circumstances, order it to be crushed.

A majority Hodgman Liberal Government will also move to make driver education compulsory in schools for all grade 9 and 10 students. This is in addition to our existing policy of requiring a student who wants a driver’s licence before the age of 18 having to complete driver education and have a satisfactory school attendance record.

Under our comprehensive roads safety policy we will provide the real change Tasmanian drivers need by:

  • Quarantining speed camera revenue for road safety measures;
  • Investing $6 Million over three years on road-markings including:
  • Installation of audio-tactile line marking on Bass Highway between Launceston and Devonport and other high volume roads and black-spots;
  • Establishing a dedicated Road Safety Authority;
  • Double demerit points on specific days;
  • More permanent speed cameras;
  • More high visibility Police cars on our highways.

Only a majority Hodgman Liberal Government will deliver the real change needed to crack down on hoons and make our roads safer.

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