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South Australia Shadow Treasurer Iain Evans

$55 Million Southern Expressway Blowout?

Victor P Taffa

Treasurer Snelling has let slip about a $55 Million blow out in the cost of duplicating the Southern Expressway.

In Parliament yesterday Treasurer Snelling said:

“…if you pay $500 Million on the duplication of the Southern Expressway, which I know members on this side take is a very important project, that $500 Million under net lending will go on the budget figures when that money is paid.” (Hansard, 09/02/2011)

Shadow Treasurer Iain Evans said that the original cost of the Southern Expressway duplication was $445 Million but the Treasurer has blown the lid on a $55 Million blow out.

“Treasurer Snelling needs to immediately come clean with the people of South Australia and explain exactly how much the duplication of the Southern Expressway will cost.” Mr. Evan said.

“We’ve seen blow outs on the Adelaide Oval Project, blow outs on the cost of the new RAH and now a massive blow out on the duplication of the Southern Expressway.”

“So many infrastructure projects undertaken by this Government have been either delayed, over budget or they change the scope to reduce the size of the project to reduce costs.”

“You can’t trust Labor to deliver key infrastructure projects on time, on budget and as promised.” Mr. Evans said.


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