Ripon District 2014

Ripon District 2014

Polling Day Saturday 29 November 2014

Victoria Electoral Commission

Victor P Taffa

Victoria State Election 2014: Ripon District Candidates

9 Candidates are listed in the order in which they will appear on the Lower House ballot paper for Ripon District.

Candidate                                          Affiliation

TURNER, Scott                                 THE NATIONALS

MULCAHY, Peter                             RISE UP AUSTRALIA PARTY

McGLONE, Daniel                            AUSTRALIAN LABOR PARTY

LEE, Mitchell                                     DEMOCRATIC LABOUR PARTY (DLP)

STALEY, Louise                                LIBERAL

LOITERTON, Kevin                          AUSTRALIAN CHRISTIANS

MAY, Rod                                          AUSTRALIAN GREENS


FOWLER, Danielle                            FAMILY FIRST


Boundary Changes:

The 2012-2013 redivision of State electoral boundaries made the following changes to the boundaries of Ripon District.

Ripon Lost:

4,764 electors to Buninyong District (Cape Clear, Haddon, Linton, Ross Creek, Scarsdale and Smythesdale. Part of Smythes Creek)

1,128 electors to Lowan District (Halls Gap and Moyston)

631 electors to Polwarth District (Bradvale, Mingay, Pitfield, Pittong, Skipton, Vite Vite, Vite Vite North and Wallinduc).

Ripon Gained:

3,409 electors from Ballarat East District (Blampied, Creswick, Dean, Mount Prospect and Newlyn)

917 electors from Ballarat West District (Parts of Miners Rest and Mitchell Park)

484 electors from Bendigo East District (Bridgewater on Loddon)

746 electors from Bendigo West District (Eddington, Laanecoorie, Newbridge and Tarnagulla)

7,212 electors from Swan Hill District (Charlton, Donald, Litchfield, St Arnaud, Stuart Mill and Wedderburn).


Upper House Region:

Western Victoria Region

Election Results:

Two-party preferred vote, 2010 State election:

ALP:               17,755             52.71%

Liberal:            15,931             47.29%

Estimated two-party preferred vote on 2014 boundaries:*

ALP:               18,901             48.4%

Liberal:            20,170             51.6%

*These estimates are based on 2010 figures


Sitting Member

Joe Helper – ALP

Historical Pattern

1945-47           ALP

1947-50           Liberal/LCP

1950-55*         ALP

1976-99           Liberal

1999-Present  ALP

*Abolished in 1955, and re-established in 1976