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South Australia Treasurer Rob Lucas

Shop Trading Returns To Pre-COVID-19 Hours

Victor P Taffa

Suburban Adelaide shops and supermarkets will be required to revert to their pre-COVID-19 hours of operation from this Sunday, with the State Government announcing it will not be granting a further 30-day exemption to support physical distancing.

Government has always acted on the expert advice of South Australia Health public health officials, who for the past 4 months have supported extended shop trading as an effective way of promoting physical distancing within stores which has proven necessary to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

“For several months, the public health advice was clear and that was extended trading supported important physical distancing.” Treasurer Rob Lucas said.

“However, given the recent significant lifting of other restrictions in South Australia, public health advice no longer considers this extra measure necessary.”

“This means that from this coming Sunday, all non-exempt shops and supermarkets will be required to revert to their normal hours of operation, for example, they won’t be allowed to open until 11 am on a Sunday morning.” Treasurer Lucas said.

Under the 30-day exemptions the first of which came into effect on March 21 supermarkets and shops, regardless of their size, were permitted to open two hours earlier from 9 am on Sunday and four hours later (until 9 pm) on a Saturday and Sunday –if they chose.

Extended shop trading was strictly voluntary, and no one could be forced to work the additional hours.

“We understand that many South Australians will be clearly disappointed they won’t have this added freedom and flexibility they’ve come to enjoy in relation to when they do their supermarket shopping.” Treasurer Lucas said.

“Contrary to the alarmist claims of the shoppies union and Mr. Malinauskas, most South Australia families have experienced the benefits of greater freedom of choice and noted the predicted chaos never occurred.”

“In fact, a number of independent supermarkets took advantage of trading extended hours as well as larger retailers.”

“Marshall Government will continue to campaign on the overwhelming benefits of sensible shop trading hours reform which we know is supported by the majority of South Australians and will help drive positive economic and jobs growth.” Treasurer Lucas said.


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