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Northern Territory Minister for Health Natasha Fyles

Northern Territory Government Provides Certainty For St. John’s Ambulance

Victor P Taffa

Northern Territory Government today released the response to the review of Road Ambulance Services in the Northern Territory.

“Team at St. John’s Ambulance provide a vital service to Territorians and have done so for more than 20 years.” Minister for Health Natasha Fyles said.

“Territory Government recognises that St. Johns often work in challenging and stressful situations.”

Review was commissioned last year to ensure Territorians have the best possible service into the future.

Review made 44 recommendations to address issues relating to:

  • Contemporary best practice in the delivery of road ambulance services
  • Future workforce requirements for a contemporary road ambulance service including the training, development and retention of the ambulance service workforce
  • Interface between road ambulance services and other health related emergency service
  • Future regulation of road ambulance services in the Northern Territory.

Northern Territory Government has accepted the recommendations, supporting 27 of the recommendations and supporting the remaining 17 in principle.

Significant progress has already been made by the creation of a Duty Manager position within the Emergency Communications Centre (recommendation 3) and the establishment of the Critical Response Unit Intensive Care Paramedic capability (recommendation 8) from the trial model.

Independent reviewer found that bringing the road ambulance service under the Department of Health is not the right solution to address all the concerns and issues raised by the review.

Independent consultant, Professor Neale Fong, was engaged to undertake the review.


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