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ACT Shadow Minister for Indigenous and Veterans’ Affairs Jeremy Hanson

Hanson Calls For Proposed ANZAC Day Protest To Be Cancelled

Victor P Taffa

A planned Aboriginal rights protest at the Anzac day march in Canberra should be cancelled in respect of our veterans who are marching and in remembrance of the many thousands of Australians who laid down their lives for our country, ACT Shadow Minister for Indigenous and Veterans’ Affairs Jeremy Hanson said today.

“I support the right to protest, but the planned protest is disrespectful and will not help the important issue of reconciliation.” Mr. Hanson said.

“Reports today state that Aboriginal activist and Tent Embassy founder Michael Anderson intends to lead a protest behind the Anzac day march about ‘past massacres, “genocidal” mistreatment and abuse.”


“I support Mr. Anderson’s right to protest but I am very disappointed that he is using Anzac Day to do so.”

“Any protest risks not only disrupting an important commemorative event for the Nation but risks causing anger and division in our community which may impede reconciliation.”

“I have today spoken with the Chair of the ACT Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elected Body, Mr. Rod Little, about this issue and he shares my concerns, stating that:

‘Respect should be shown for our veterans, and I don’t condone any protest that would take away from Anzac day which is a day for commemoration of our heroes.’

“Indigenous Australians have a proud heritage within the ADF and are an important part of the ADF today. Let’s leave Anzac day as a day that unites us a nation and leave protests for another day.” Mr. Hanson said.


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