Residents Of Seymour And Wodonga Given A Second Rate Rail Service

Residents Of Seymour And Wodonga Given A Second Rate Rail Service

Residents Of Seymour And Wodonga Shunted By Rail Authorities

Victoria State Election 27 November 2010

Victor P Taffa

The Residents of Seymour and Wodonga are it would seem being treated as Second Class Citizens by the Brumby Government when it comes to Railway Passenger Services.


Editor Victor P Taffa was given the real truth by Wodonga Residents en route to Melbourne to cover the State Election on 27 November 2010.

When RailCorp XPT Services between Sydney and Melbourne were terminated at Albury with replacement Bus Services between Albury and Melbourne provided recently Editor Victor P Taffa asked RailCorp why services were suspended due to ‘Speed Restrictions’ and no one at RailCorp would answer the question.

Editor Victor P Taffa has always and will always support RailCorp, Train Drivers and Guards. Perhaps the Federal and Victoria Government’s ‘Muzzled’ RailCorp of which is not the fault of RailCorp.

The reason why XPT Services between Albury and Melbourne were suspended was according to Wodonga Residents because the new By-Pass Track was laid on a poor base and the Ballast Sank. The new track had a wave effect and thus Speed Restrictions had to be imposed.

The new Track was laid by the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) as all Main Lines are now being looked after by ARTC.

Since when have we become so bad at building Railway Lines?

The Main issue is that the Brumby Government has failed to re-open Passenger Services between Seymour and Wodonga.

The new By-Pass Line is a great initiative however who and why got the laying of the By-Pass so horribly wrong?

What did the Brumby or the Federal Government’s know and why was this fiasco allowed to develop?

Why is the Sydney-Melbourne Rail Line in 2010 still only Single Track with Passing Loops?

Why a $20 Billion Study is required on an Inland Brisbane-Melbourne Line when there is NOT ONE Politician willing to simply Duplicate, Electrify and Upgrade existing corridors and also take the Line through OUR National Capital, Canberra?

The Sydney-Melbourne Railway Line is like so many of OUR Railways so easy to fix. The Problem is that OUR Parliament’s are too full of People who are Anti-Rail.

The Brumby Government should be ashamed of itself for the complete abdication of duty to provide a basic service for the people of Seymour and Wodonga.

The By-Pass Line is a good initiative however local services have been ignored and the line is still by and large single track.

Politicians who cannot start to upgrade Railway Lines between Major Capital Cities in what is the world’s largest Island Continent should simply find another occupation in life and allow others to give people a Basic Transport Service.

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