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Only Local Government Has A Residential Rule Requirement For Election Candidates

Victor P Taffa Candidate For Newcastle 26 March 2011

Victor P Taffa

There are 3 tiers of Government in Australia and only one of these has a Residential Rule Requirement for Candidates for Public Office.

Local Government Candidates in New South Wales must reside in the Council area that they are contesting largely because Council Boundaries are not altered by redistribution in the same way that Federal and State Electoral Boundaries are.

During the October 2008 Ryde State By-Election in which the Liberal Candidate Victor Dominello secured a swing of 23% there were constant slurs by others that as Mr. Dominello lived at McMahon’s Point that he was somehow an unsuitable Candidate for Public Office.


The Liberal Member for Ryde Victor Dominello has made a noticeable difference to services in the Electorate since being elected. Editor Victor P Taffa in that same By-Election secured 3% of the Primary Vote. Full Election Results are available in

Many State and Federal Politicians over many decades both Labor and Liberal have not always resided in their Electorates.

Some Members that come to mind are:

  • Federal NSW Liberal Member for Lowe;
  • NSW Labor Member for Cabramatta;
  • NSW Labor Member for Blue Mountains;

The NSW Federal Member for Charlton has not always resided in the Hunter Valley.

Due to the change of Prime Minister in 2010 and the 21 August 2010 Federal Election the Federal Redistribution for Victoria had to be postponed until December 2010 and will be gazetted on Christmas Eve 2010. These new boundaries will also not come into effect until after the next Federal Election.

These postponements of important redistributions make a mockery of the Residential Rule Requirement and as a Candidate in the State Seat of Newcastle on 26 March 2011 Editor Victor P Taffa will have as much legitimacy to run in the Seat of Newcastle as any other Candidate.

The next State Redistribution in New South Wales will also occur after the 2011 State Election.

Many people suggest that Upper Houses are unnecessary and that Australia is over governed. There are some very good Members of Upper House Chambers and these include:

  • WA Minister for Transport Simon O’Brien;
  • WA Minister for Community Services Robyn McSweeney;
  • WA Minister for Environment Donna Faragher (Recently Retired);
  • VIC Minister for Health David Davis.

In New South Wales there is an undivided Legislative Council while in Victoria there are 8 Regions.

Queensland has not necessarily been better served without a Legislative Council that a Labor Government abolished in 1922.

The fact is that a good Politician deals with the issues of concern regardless of Electoral Boundaries or Residential Requirements.

As a Candidate for Newcastle in 2011 Editor Victor P Taffa will be available in the Electorate throughout the Campaign and reside in the Electorate as the Member for Newcastle.

Editor Victor P Taffa is aware of many of the issues that affect the Newcastle Electorate and is also a Member of the following Clubs:

  • Newcastle Leagues Club;
  • The Gallipoli Legion Club.

The Newcastle Electorate will have no doubt as to where Editor Victor P Taffa stands on the important issues that affect Novocastrians and the key issues that will be campaigned upon will be made widely known to the Electorate.

As the Member for Newcastle Victor P Taffa will ensure that Newcastle gets its fair share of assistance from Macquarie Street under an O’Farrell/Stoner Coalition Government after 26 March 2011.


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