Reservation Policy Shunted As Minister Delivers Extra Carriages

Reservation Policy Shunted As Minister Delivers Extra Carriages

Western Australia Minister for Transport Troy Buswell

Extra 12 Carriages To Be Added For Joondalup Rail Line

Victor P Taffa

Capacity on the Joondalup Rail Line during peak travel periods will be increased by about 2,000 people, with the addition of four three-carriage sets of rail cars to the line next week.

Transport Minister Troy Buswell said the rail cars were purchased by the former Labor Government which reserved their use until the completion of the Butler extension in 2014, but he had directed the Public Transport Authority (PTA) to immediately put the four sets into service.

“As the thousands of people who utilise the Joondalup line know, the trains on this line do get crowded during peak periods and I sought advice from the PTA in regard to all available options for utilising our current rolling stock.” Mr. Buswell said.

“While technical advice does advocate for a ‘reserve’ of rail cars in case of unforseen incidents and emergencies, it’s my view that these cars were essentially a stranded asset and we need to utilise them now to meet current demand.”

“As a result, we will not continue with this reservation policy adopted by the former Government and instead ensure the people travelling on this increasingly busy line will immediately have the benefit of 12 extra carriages.”

“In effect, this will boost capacity on the rail network by almost 6%.” Mr. Buswell said.

The Minister said the State Government would ensure the $240 Million Rail Extension to Butler was adequately resourced when it was completed in 2014.

“The PTA is continuing negotiations with potential rail car suppliers and we have a window of opportunity into 2012 to place an order for rail cars.” Mr. Buswell said.

“Considerations around this order will include the necessary boost of rail cars to service the Butler extension, as well as any further natural growth which will occur over the urban rail network.”

The activation of the four new rail car sets will come into effect on Monday, April 4.

Timetables will not change, but selected services currently operating with three railcars will be lengthened to operate with six railcars.