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Victoria Shadow Minister for Manufacturing Ryan Smith

Brumby Fails Manufacturing Sector Again

Victor P Taffa

Falling levels of attendance at the Victorian Government’s Procurement and Contracting Centre for Education and Research (PACCER) help to explain why Victorian manufacturers are experiencing rising levels of frustration with departmental purchasing Shadow Minister for Manufacturing Ryan Smith said today.

As described on the Victorian Government Procurement website, the ‘PACCER training framework aims to provide procurement and contract management skills development in the public sector, consistent with government policy requirements’.

Specifically, PACCER has a significant role in the ongoing capability development of departmental officers in the area of procurement.



The Victorian Government Purchasing Board’s Annual Report 2009-10 shows a significant decline in the attendance of departmental staff at PACCER courses, with a 190 % decrease in the number of participants attending public procurement training sessions from across departments and the private sector, as measured against the previous year’s results.

In addition, the participation of departmental staff in customised, in-house training programs fell from 909 participants in 2008-09 to just 378 participants in 2009-10.

The Winning Government Business course, designed to teach small to medium sized businesses how to access the Victorian Government markets, has also experienced a significant decline in interest. In 2008-09 this important program had attendances of over 250 people, but in 2009-10 this figure fell to just 40 people.

“With less training given to those who make purchasing decisions, it is little wonder that local manufacturers feel that the government’s procurement principles are being ignored.” Mr. Smith said.

“Clearly the Brumby Government feels that paying lip service to supporting Victorian industry is enough and it does not need to be followed up with the appropriate internal training.”

Editor Victor P Taffa is on the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Media Release List and the ABS sent out a Media Release recently stating that Statistics for Manufacturing are NO longer compiled by the ABS.

When the Whitlam Labor Government began to dismantle Tariffs throughout Australia and in Manufacturing in particular it began the destruction of many Industries in this Country.

Having a one world market is all well and good but many countries still maintain Tariffs and protect their own Industries.

Many people criticize the Howard Government Work Choices Policy. The dismantling of Tariff’s and the destruction of the Manufacturing Industry in this country has been a far more significant Policy decision by Government’s in a negative sense than Work Choices ever was or ever will be.

Agriculture MUST at all costs be an Industry that is looked after by Australian Government’s and the water-buy back Policies of the Rudd/Gillard Government are designed to send Australia down the path of Zimbabwe.


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