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Northern Territory Shadow Minister for Environment Peter Chandler

Labor Can Tax

Victor P Taffa

The quarterly report into the container recycling scheme illustrates the extent to which the scheme is diving into the hip pocket of Territorians.

Shadow Environment Minister, Peter Chandler, said the report shows that Territorians had to spend 50 cents for every 10 cents that was refunded.


“The scheme is costly, complicated and not working to capacity if only one container in five is refunded.” Mr. Chandler said.

“The Container Deposit Scheme has become a costly albatross for Territorians who already labour under the high cost of living.”

“It is misleading for Government to suggest that all the containers collected under the scheme would have gone into landfill.”

“A number of effective recycling schemes were already in place long before Government brought in their costly option.” Mr. Chandler said.


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