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Victoria Shadow Minister for Housing Wendy Lovell

More Families Suffer Due To Brumby Government’s Housing Crisis

Victor P Taffa

The latest rental data released by Victoria Minister for Housing Richard Wynne yesterday shows that more Victorian families are in housing stress because of skyrocketing rents.

Shadow Minister for Housing Wendy Lovell said Victoria experienced the biggest quarterly rent hike in more than 12 months during the December 2009 quarter.

“Rents increased by 2.2 % in Melbourne and by 2.6 % in regional Victoria, which is a huge increase for a single quarter.” Ms. Lovell said.

Ms. Lovell said the Housing Minister had once again withheld the full private rental report to conceal the true impact of Victoria’s housing crisis on localities throughout Victoria.

The Minister only provided a brief summary of the December quarter data and did not release the full report, which contains a breakdown of private rental market data for individual local government areas.

“Despite the Minister’s lack of transparency, the data shows Labor’s failure to address the rental affordability crisis, which is hurting Victorian families suffering these skyrocketing rents.” Ms. Lovell said.

“Even Victoria’s incompetent Housing Minister has admitted there is no affordable accommodation for low-income families within 15 kms of Parliament House.”

“Victorian families are struggling with Australia’s largest public housing waiting list, miniscule rental vacancy rates, and sky-high rents and house prices.”

“The cost of buying a home in Melbourne has skyrocketed, with REIV announcing a record-high median house price of $540,500 for the December 2009 quarter.”

“The Minister may have acknowledged there is virtually no housing in the city for low-income families, but he has done nothing to rectify it.” Ms. Lovell said.

“The release of the Brumby Government’s disappointing Integrated Victorian Housing Strategy last week shows the government has no immediate strategies to address this housing crisis. It’s just one more of Labor’s ‘plans for more plans’, providing no time-lines or accountability for the delivery of the strategy.”

“With more families facing an uncertain future because the Brumby Government has failed to protect Victorian jobs, is running the state’s economy close to deficit, and is hiking up charges for basic services including water and electricity, Richard Wynne can’t afford to ignore Victoria’s housing crisis any longer. Victorian families continue to suffer because John Brumby and Richard Wynne are not listening.” Ms. Lovell said.

The housing crisis in Melbourne is not confined to Victoria. The same situation applies North of the Murray River and successive New South Wales Labor Government’s have failed to address the situation.


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