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Northern Territory Minister for Housing and Community Development Gerry McCarthy

New Homes For Families At Yirrkala And Ramingining

Victor P Taffa

Local jobs and local decision making underpin the Northern Territory Government’s commitment to building and improving remote housing.

“Jobs and housing are key priorities for the Territory Government.” Minister for Housing and Community Development Gerry McCarthy said.

“We have begun the task of creating generational change to improve the lives of people in remote communities.”

Since coming to Government two years ago, 220 new houses have been completed and hundreds more have been upgraded in communities throughout the Northern Territory.

Additionally, there are 28 new government-employee houses.

In Yirrkala, tenants have recently moved into 13 new houses while in Ramingining 10 families now have brand new homes.

Ramingining Housing Tenant, Marley Djangirri lives in one of the new houses with her daughter, son-in-law, sister and two young grandchildren.

“We are very happy in our brand new home that we moved into in July.” Ramingining Housing Tenant Marley Djangirri said.

“There’s lots of room and the house is cyclone safe which is a good thing in this area.”

Northern Territory Government’s undertaking to increase and upgrade housing across the NT is part of its long-term plan to create generational change that will improve the lives of people in remote areas.

Northern Territory Government funded $1.1 Billion remote housing investment package is a 10-year job-creating plan that will transform housing in remote communities.

As part of this investment, works to reduce overcrowding by increasing living spaces have been completed at 118 homes in communities across the Territory through the Room to Breathe program. All changes have been made in consultation with the tenants to achieve the best outcomes. Improved living spaces also provide opportunities for family-based accommodation options for kinship care and aged or high-dependency tenants.



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