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Victoria Minister for Roads Terry Mulder

Coalition Government To Fix Labor’s Bungled Registration And Licensing System

Victor P Taffa

VicRoads’ antiquated registration and licensing IT system will be replaced to reduce the risk of fraud, improve customer service and tighten up demerit point capture, Minister for Roads Terry Mulder said today.

Mr. Mulder said the 23 year old IT system was the subject of significant criticism by the Ombudsman in 2005 and again in 2007, who also found the former Labor Government had under-funded a replacement system.

“Despite the Ombudsman’s warnings about the security failures and risk of the whole system failing, the previous Labor Government turned a blind eye.” Mr. Mulder said.

“By leaving it in the too-hard basket, the previous Labor Government left VicRoads with an outdated system, long queues of frustrated customers and powerless to prevent fake licences.”

“VicRoads currently processes more than 22 Million transactions annually with demand growing by 5.7 % every year.” Mr. Mulder said.

“The current system was built well before the internet and has become fragile, inflexible and prone to failure over time. We need a system that provides swift and secure customer service, minimising time spent in transactions with VicRoads.”

“From 1 July next year, registration fees will increase from $191.60 to $226.60, which will still keep Victoria’s registration fees the third lowest in Australia.”

Mr. Mulder said the new system would increase the amount of transactions possible online and by SMS and reduce the need to wait in line at VicRoads offices. Once the new system is up and running other features include quarterly and six monthly payment options and giving customers the ability to securely manage and update their own records.

For the first time VicRoads will be able to easily extract and analyse information to develop new road safety initiatives that will save lives.

“With identity theft costing the Australian economy around $4 Billion each year, the new system’s facial recognition technology will prevent duplicate fake licences.” Mr. Mulder said.

“While funding for this project will come from an increase in registration fees, the new system will save money allowing more to be spent on improving our roads.”

The new system is scheduled to be introduced in 2014.


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