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Nationals Deputy Senate Leader Fiona Nash

Students Hit Hard By Labor’s Education Cuts

Victor P Taffa

Students from regional Australia will be hard hit by the Government’s $2.4 Billion cuts to education and training, particularly the Treasurer’s decision to abandon the indexation of Student Start-up Scholarships, an $82.3 Million spending cut, according to Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Regional Education, Senator Fiona Nash.

“The Treasurer, Wayne Swan promised MYEFO savings would reflect Labor values.” Senator Nash said.

“It is appalling that Labor values now include making scholarship students foot the bill for the Gillard Government’s financial incompetence.”

The Student Start-up Scholarship is a $2,050-per-year payment that helps with the up-front costs of items such as books and specialised equipment for students undertaking an approved scholarship course.

“When it comes to government help, students have been under constant assault ever since Ms. Gillard, who boasts of her passion for education, seized the keys to the Lodge.”

“First it was cuts to Youth Allowance for certain regional students. We managed to get the worst of that policy reversed, only for Labor to come up with further education cuts.”

“For all the Prime Minister’s talk about equity in education, the government has now shown it is prepared to make it harder for students, simply to try and fix the financial mess Labor itself created.” Senator Nash said.


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