Regional Development Fund Grant Assists Cheese Factory Expansion

Regional Development Fund Grant Assists Cheese Factory Expansion

South Australia Minister for Agriculture Leon Bignell

Beston’s Tribute Cheese To Help SA’s Dairy Farmers

Victor P Taffa

The State Government has congratulated Beston Global Food Company on the launch of its premium new cheese, created to help local dairy farmers.

“Congratulations to Beston on this clever and novel idea to help our dairy farmers and remind people they always need to buy local milk.” Minister for Agriculture Leon Bignell said.

“The State Government has been working around the clock to help the dairy industry. We announced last week Beston would receive $2.5 Million for its new cheese processing facility which will help create demand for additional milk from our dairy farmers.” Mr. Bignell said.

The limited edition black wax cheddar has been named The Tribute and will be made at Beston’s Murray Bridge factory.

The cheese is being sold under Beston’s “Edwards Crossing” label so as to pay homage, also, to the history of the Beston Pure Foods factory at Murray Bridge.

“Beston Pure Dairies received the $2.5 Million grant from the Regional Development Fund in order to expand its company from producing bulk commodity-based cheeses into a premium cheese and dairy producer for domestic and export markets.” Minister for Regional Development Geoff Brock said.

Last week Agriculture Minister Leon Bignell announced Beston would receive $2.5 Million from the State Government to help with the development of its state-of-the-art cheese processing facility. The facility will create 60 ongoing jobs and 24 during construction.

Each block of The Tribute has been hand crafted by the company’s cheese makers and is personally autographed by the Head Cheese Maker at Beston Pure Foods, Mr. Lewis D’Angelo.

“The Tribute black waxed cheese had been produced on a limited edition basis as a way of enabling South Australians to provide tangible support for the dairy farming community, at a time when they need it most.” Beston Global Food Company Chairman Dr. Roger Sexton said.

A series of 2,500 special release blocks are available for purchase this week and will be available in selected supermarkets across South Australia in the next few weeks.


SA Minister for Agriculture Leon Bignell

SA Minister for Agriculture Leon Bignell









Last month, the State Government announced a $2 Million grant to support Midfield’s $60 Million milk processing facility in Penola. Earlier in the year, we also announced a $900,000 grant towards a $6.5 Million project for Meadows-based B.-d. Farm Paris Creek. Both grants were from the Regional Development Fund.

The State Government has specifically helped South Australia’s dairy farmers who are reeling from the damaging drop in milk prices by providing $60,000 towards the Taking Stock Program. The Program offers one-to-one sessions with a consultant to allow farmers to assess their current financial situation, develop financial plans, as well as general business advice and mental health support.