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Western Australia Minister for Community Services Robyn McSweeney

Redress WA Ex-Gratia Payments Processing on Track for June 2011 Completion

Victor P Taffa

Community Services Minister Robyn McSweeney said Redress WA was on track to finalise Ex-Gratia Payments to eligible applicants by June 2011 with 1,184 cases finalised as of July 28.

The total value of Ex-Gratia Payments that have been distributed to eligible applicants to July 28 was $15,692,500. Ex-gratia payment offers commenced in February 2010.

“I made a commitment to eligible applicants who had a life-threatening illness or condition their applications would receive priority processing.” Mrs. McSweeney said.

“To date, 639 applicants who have submitted medical reports to be assessed for priority processing, have received their Ex-Gratia Payments.”




“I am pleased Redress WA is on track to finalise distribution of payments with up to 100 Ex-Gratia Payments being made each week.”

The Minister said Redress WA was in regular communication with applicants to the scheme with a quarterly newsletter, sent direct to applicants or to their nominated representative.

“If applicants are not receiving their regular newsletter, I would encourage them to contact Redress WA as their personal details may not be up to date.” Mrs. McSweeney said.

“This is vitally important as Redress WA is finding there are some applicants who are not contactable. If applicants have moved or changed their contact details, I would encourage them to contact Redress WA to update their personal information.”

“Applicants should also be aware they can access up to three hours of individual counselling at any time free of charge which is support many applicants are saying is extremely helpful to them.”

$114 Million has been allocated for the Redress WA scheme of which $90.2 Million has been set aside for Ex-Gratia Payments alone.

To update their details or to discuss how to access individual counselling, applicants can contact Redress WA on 6217 8720 or Freecall 1800 617 233.


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